Starts March 1st 6-7:30PM EST Mondays and Wednesdays

Learn how to enable performance support with microlearning strategies.

  • Develop microlearning strategies for better training

  • Learn various approaches from a highly recognized industry expert

  • Become the microlearning expert for your team


aka Microlearning Learnstronaut

Learning Strategist and Innovator

Robyn A Defelice

Robyn A. Defelice, PhD is a strategist and consultant in the learning and performance arena with over 20 years of experience. She is the co-author of Microlearning: Short and Sweet and has been providing an answer to How Long Does it Take to Develop Training for nearly 13 years. She specializes in enterprise learning management and centralization of training functions. Her focus is on maturing processes, operational frameworks, and talent. As a learning strategist she concentrates on performance development, developing agile learning programs and evaluative plans to measure impact. Robyn’s portfolio includes a range of industries and sectors, such as, major health and insurance systems and pharmaceutical sales, financial institutions, research, and manufacturing. She has also assisted multiple startups, higher education departments, and state and government agencies and programs.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Course

  • 2

    Core Concepts 03/01-03/03

    • Case Study: Company Profile Sheet

    • Session 1: Presentation (PDF)

    • Session 1: Introductions by the Cohort (Part 1)

    • Session 1: Introductions by the Cohort (Part 2)

    • Session 1: Benefits and Value of Microlearning

    • Session 1: Research and Definition of Microlearning

    • Session 2: Use Cases 03/03

    • Session 2: Presentation (PDF)

    • Session 2: Use Case Introduction and Microlearning Concept Recap

    • Session 2: Use Cases - Pensive through Persuasive

    • Session 2: Use Cases - Post-Instruction through Primary/Preparatory

    • Session 2: Use Case Example Walk-Through

    • Session 2: Use Case Example Wrap Up and Discussion on Assignment

    • Assignment 1: Differentiation Discovery

  • 3

    Mapping and Planning a Microlearning Strategy 03/08-03/10

    • Session 3: Mapping a Microlearning Strategy 03/08

    • Session 3 Case Study: Mapping a ML Strategy

    • Microlearning Strategy Map Activity Sheet

    • Assignment 2: Mapping a Microlearning Strategy

    • Session 4: Implementing a Microlearning Campaign 03/10

    • Case Study 4: Implementation Audit

    • Assignment 3: Drafting an Implementation Plan

  • 4

    Design Factors for Microlearning Products 03/15-03/17

    • Session 5: Design Factors for Microlearning Products 03/15

    • Session 6: Designing an Infographic 03/17

    • Assignment 4: Designing an Infographic

  • 5

    Evaluating Impact and Effort 03/22-03/24

    • Session 7: Determining Evaluative Measures and Product Sustainment 03/22

    • Session 7 Case Study: Evaluating ML Products and Sustaining the Campaign

    • Session 8: Final Thoughts and Bragging Rights 03/24

    • Assignment 5: Finalize Infographic and Evaluation Plan