Get the audio skills for better learning

with Myra Roldan

Audio editing plays an essential role in your eLearning development projects. There are a lot of tools out there, but one of the most widely used tools is Audacity, a free audio editor available for both Windows and Mac. In this two week live cohort, we explore the power of Audacity, and you learn how to quickly and expertly edit audio using this tool.
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Learn How to Edit Audio with Myra

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    Welcome to the course!

  • 2

    Audacity Lift

    • Briefing Intro (0:0:37 min)

    • Workbook Overview (5:38 min) & Downloadable Workbook

    • The Tools (2:23 min)

    • Setting Audacity Preferences (15:23 min)

    • In-Depth Overview: Saving Projects & Exporting Audio Files (10:17 min)

    • Briefing Recap (0:0:31 min)

    • Assignment Overview (8:18 min)

    • Action Assignment I- Record & Analyze

    • Assignment One Workbook

  • 3

    Audacity Basic Editing

    • Basic Editing Overview (4:02 min)

    • Audacity Basic Editing Workbook

    • Getting Started (3:10 min)

    • Cleaning Up Your Audio (8:11 min)

    • Getting Jiggy with It (12:15 mins)

    • Assignment II Overview (1:00 min)

    • Action Assignment II Audio Clean Up

  • 4

    Audacity Complex Editing I

    • Complex Editing I Overview

    • Working with Multiple Tracks (16:40 min)

    • Action Assignment III-Podcast Editing

  • 5

    Audacity Complex Editing II

    • Complex Editing II Overview and download files

    • Import Audio and Video file to Audacity (8:00 min) + class files

    • Frankensteining An Audio Track (15:15 min)

    • Removing Pops and Hisses (8:00 min)

    • Working with Pitch and Tempo (5:58 mins)

    • Action Assignment IV- Frankensteining a Track

    • Action Assignment IV Guide

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    • Course End

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    Next Steps...

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Tech Instructor

Myra Roldan

Myra is a technologist who brings a unique mix of technical, business, and adult education expertise to the game. She is a TEDx speaker, author, and technical designer. Her superpower is her natural ability to make complex technical subjects easy-to-understand by breaking concepts down in a way that is easy to consume, process, and apply. Myra is passionate about empowering people to explore and develop themselves holistically.