What do you learn here?

We teach you skills, not topics. You have to create work samples and your digital portfolio.

  • Learn the basics of good instructional design for teams.

  • Write a script and storyboard for video.

  • Prototype video samples with PowerPoint and Adobe Premiere Rush.

  • Work one-one-one with your instructor improving your design skills.

  • Learn with free tools for editing images and audio.

  • Create a 2-minute or less video sample for your digital portfolio.

  • Get your work promoted to large audiences on social media.

Learning Path

  • 1

    Week One: Getting Started

    • Knowing your way around

    • A message from your Instructor

    • Important Information

    • Learning Objectives

    • Digital Portfolio Creation

    • Practice Assignment One

  • 2

    Welcome to Astronomika

    • Project Intro

    • Welcome to the Team

  • 3

    Week Two: Analysis Phase

    • Project Needs Analysis

    • Analysis Document

    • Practice Assignment Two

  • 4

    Week Three: Design Phase

    • Writing Learning Objectives Part One

    • Writing Learning Objectives Part Two

    • Writing a script

    • Storyboarding

    • Practice Assignment Three

  • 5

    Week Four: Development Phase

    • Building a sample - Working with Audio

    • Video Simulation with PowerPoint

    • Building a sample - Remove Bg Site

    • First Review Cycle-Video Prototype

  • 6

    Week Five: Implementation Phase

    • Review Cycles and Approvals

    • Video Captions

    • YouTube Upload Assignment

  • 7

    Final Week: Wrap Up

    • Congrats! Here's what's next...

    • Clips Video App for iPhone

    • Your Video Profile

    • Video Profile Assignment

    • Last thoughts from the COA