• What is eLearning Launch?

    To put it simply, eLearning Launch (eL) is a unique online academy for those who want to become design online learning experiences. You attain skills by designing, building and creating work samples you can add to your digital portfolio.

  • Why eLearning Launch?

    Because there’s a gap between what traditional learning methods provide and what employers need. Academic models in colleges seem to focus on the abstract, on learning theories and how to be a researcher in the field. Although, these are valuable skills for an education in life, they are not the primary desired skills employers look for. eL simulates work life, it gives learners a hands-on, self-paced and collaborative opportunity to solve problems, complete projects and build a digital portfolio of work.

  • What is an eLearning Designer?

    An eLearning Designer is an instructional designer specialized on delivering digital learning experiences. As designers we focus on human-centered, systemic and creative design approaches align with proven instructional strategies. Only a few elite organizations rely on the separation of eLearning development and instructional design. Business is always changing and most employers want someone that can bring instructional strategies to life with creative content. After all, why pay two salaries when you can pay one? Think about it.

  • What is a 75 percenter?

    75 percenters are learning professionals with the learning agility to use a multiple set of tools for what they need to use them to accomplish business goals. It’s unrealistic to think that if you have never produced and edited video, that you will become a full expert on it in a short amount of time. However, we know that all video editing software share commonalities and if we can get you to learn the most relevant tool in the market, you can quickly adapt to many others. The same goes for eLearning authoring tools which all share commonalities with PowerPoint for example.

  • How is eLearning Launch different from other learning options?

    We fail, to succeed... You learn skills and prove your progress by creating work samples. Instructors give you 1-on-1 personalized feedback on your submissions. There are no quizzes here, your submissions only get approved once you have achieved all assignment requirements.

  • What am I learning in eLearning Launch?

    You are going to learn how to design and deliver effective learning experiences as an eLearning designer. In as little as 12 weeks you will have the ability to: 1)Capture and analyze needs for adult learning or performance support projects 2)Apply and associate adult learning theories and principles to actual business projects in working contexts 3) Manage learning and development (L&D) projects according to the most relevant design approaches today 4) Effectively apply visual and digital multimedia design principles 5) Produce digital content such as explainer videos, microlearning, eLearning modules, motion graphics, vector graphics, whiteboarding videos, Instructor-Led Training (ILT) guides, website, gamification and augmented reality (AR) interfaces. 6) Create a digital portfolio, establish a digital brand and marketing strategy to land a job as an eLearning designer 7) Most importantly, you will grow from where you are to where you need to be and where employers are looking for you.

  • What software do I need to participate in eLearning Launch?

    If you participate in all projects of eL and there will be over 20 software applications you will learn to use for various purposes. Most software will be used on a free trial basis and also what you already have access to, but you may have to purchase an inexpensive license of specific software you don’t have i.e. you will need Microsoft Office 365 online. The best option we recommend is the Personal plan of Office 365 available at https://www.office.com/ which costs less than $9 a month as of 2020.

  • Who created eLearning Launch?

    eL was created by US Veterans Alexander Salas and Aaron King, who are award-winning eLearning designers with advanced degrees and decades of expertise on what it takes to work in Fortune 20 and 100 companies. Alex and Aaron’s motivation to create eL started with a question and a dream. First, they asked themselves, “How can we close the gap from ‘talk about it’ educational approaches to ‘experientially relevant’ working projects?” Secondly, they reflected on their own experiences and realized “95% of what we do at work, we learned on our own and academic programs do not focus on this experience”. Finally, the dream… What if we could build a global digital learning community that enables driven professionals with the practical skills that matter to employers, instead of topics and courses on abstract concepts? Well, we did!